Louisiana Probate and Successions Guide (White Paper)

The free Guide to Louisiana Probate and Successions gives straightforward answers to many of the questions that people have about Louisiana successions. In it you will learn:

  • Basic definitions relating to Louisiana successions, including plain English explanations for some of the legal jargon you will encounter
  • How to tell whether a court proceeding is required
  • How to deal with small estates under Louisiana law
  • What types of Louisiana succession proceedings are available to you
  • Whether the succession can be simplified through independent administration
  • Obtaining a Judgment of Possession over a deceased person’s property
  • Ancillary successions for estates that have been handled in other states
  • Whether there are any alternatives to a Louisiana succession that could apply
  • How to determine if a Last Will and Testament is valid under Louisiana law
  • How to probate a Last Will and Testament in Louisiana
  • How to handle a Louisiana estate if there is no Last Will and Testament
  • The responsibilities of an executor or administrator under Louisiana law
  • How to apply Louisiana community property law to an estate
  • Forced Heirship and spousal usufructs under Louisiana law
  • Laws relating to Louisiana inheritance tax, estate tax, and gift tax

This guide is divided into short mini-chapters to help you find answers to your questions as quickly as possible.

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